Tuesday, 19 June 2012

A weekend in the lives of Mike and Wilma ......with a little bit of a **** up!

Thursday14th June -Arrived at Pentre Bach early afternoon , unpacked our stuff into Pen y Lon and set to work cutting grass, making beds, etc. in preparation for guests arriving Friday. Managed a few of games of table tennis. Mike won 3:0 I think.

Friday 15th - Rained all day! Gerald arrived and we finished off all cleaning and preparations in all cottages. De-camped to the caravan. The main house, Y Popty and Y Llaethdy were hosts to a large group celebrating a 50th birthday. The first guests arrived around 4ish then the rest of the party arrived in dribs and drabs until the birthday boy arrived to be be met by exploding paper fireworks in the drive. To be fair , some people tried to clear up all the mess but we've been picking up bits of shiny curly paper for days since! For some reason this group tried to break the record for the number of vehicles that could squash into the parking area next to the house. They managed 9 cars and a motor bike! Anyway they all had a great time over the weekend.
Meanwhile our Pen y Lon guests arrived around 7ish, just as we'd started eating our curry- but they weren't to know!

Saturday 16th - Torrential sideways rain nearly all day. Stayed in the caravan (even resorted to cleaning it!!) until about 5.25pm  when it seemed to let up a bit so we ventured out to catch the 5.35 train to Bamouth only to watch it go past as we approached the station! Rushed back to the car and drove to Fairbourne Point to watch the yachts emerge from the harbour to start the Barmouth to Fort William Three Peaks Yacht Race out in the bay. Not a great evening to start a yacht race. Rather them than me!

From there we drove up to the Cross Foxes beyond Dolgellau for a lovely meal. Nice spot!

Sunday 17th - Woke up to a beautiful sunny morning. Hooray! The large party were vacating Y Popty and Y Llaethdy so we set to work cleaning those 2 cottages and preparing for guests arriving later that day and Monday. Finished Y Llaethdy, moved our stuff into Y Popty, had lunch and decided we had time for a walk before Y Llaethdy guests arrived. Drove to Llangellynin church then walked up the hillside above and over the top, walked a little bit of the coastal path and back down to the road to come back to the car- steep at first but had amazing views.

Got back just in time to welcome our new guests into Y Llaethdy- turns out that Mr ****** is a keen photographer so might be able to send us a few photographs for our website.
Played table tennis again- 2:1 to Mike then settled down in Y Popty to watch telly and make tea. Just sat down when we noticed a yellow car draw up outside. Uh oh ....... it was the *******s . They were arriving on the 17th , not the 18th!!! Why hadn't one of us spotted this?!!!
Mike ran out to tell them that the cottage wasn't quite ready so could they give us another half hour. Fortunately they were fine with this and went off to the pub. More than three hours later they arrived back but we'd only taken 20 minutes to move all our stuff back to the caravan and finish off cleaning Y Popty. So...... another night in the caravan.
Had a knock at the door at 10.45pm asking how to get the telly in the house to work. The joys of running a self catering cottage business!

Monday 18th - The birthday group left the house by about 11am., Julie arrived and we set to work cleaning.  Tom called round to discuss photographs and videos and we even managed another couple of games of table tennis- 2:0 to Wilma !!!! Brought the hanging baskets out again now that the worst of the weather was over.  Left for Macclesfield around 5 ish.
Will be back on Thursday to start all over again.

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