Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Nellie's Great Adventure!

Well I've had a great summer. Every day, sometimes twice a day Big Mike or Big Wilma has taken me down to the beach to chase stones. They throw them into the stream and I run into the water after them time and time again to catch them and bring them back. The trouble is...... when they land in the water I can never find them! One of these days I'll find one. I just keep on trying!
I love getting wet - cold and wet, and then I love having a good shake when I come out of the water.

I've got loads of room here at Pentre Bach to run around chasing swallows and seagulls and sparrows and robins and crows and bluetits and anything that flies really. But when big people come to stay in the cottages with dogs then I have to be good and have my lead on. We can't have dogs running loose all over the place , can we?

A few weeks ago BM and BW got this big long green thing out of the barn and put it in the car. It was so big it stuck out of the back so I had to sit in the front with BW. When we got near the beach , we all got out and pulled the big green thing out of the car. Then they put me in this bright orange coat thing with straps and a handle on top. We all went down to the beach and BM and BW put the big green thing in the water. BW got in and sat down then BM lifted me in and tried to get in himself but somehow we didn't do something right and it tipped up and we all ended up in the water!!! Great fun!
We tried again and set off out to sea with BW sticking a long black stick in the water every so often and BM trying to do the same but I think I probably got in the way a bit. Every time I saw a seagull I wanted to jump in and go after it but BM wouldn't let me.  After a while I did jump in but the water was really really deep and we were really really really far away from the shore and I have to admit I got a bit scared and wanted to get back in the green thing. Good old BM got hold of my handle and pulled me in. I may have done it again - I can't quite remember. I did get out again when we got back  near the shore and swam back. I showed them!! I can't wait till we go again!!

Last week my mate Mizzle came to stay again. We had a great time chasing each other and snuggling up in bed together. She does snore at lot though so I'm glad she's gone back home so I can get a good night's sleep.