Monday, 11 February 2013

A celebration of 5 years at Pentre Bach!

Last Friday was the 5 year anniversary of us buying Pentre Bach so on Saturday we held a party to celebrate.
It started off sensibly with drinks and canapes in  the kitchen at 3pm, with a TV lounge in Y Popty for those who couldn't miss out on watching Wales v France  at rugby.
Many, many thanks to Rosemary and Gerald , who provided the majority of the buffet, (yummy homemade bread, flans , roast beef, salmon and salads) and many thanks to Helen and Sue who helped me prepare the rest earlier in the day.
It went down well to say the least!
Unfortunately as we were too busy circulating, we forgot all about the cake, which was probably just as well, as in the heat, it  was slowly subsiding over on the sideboard!
Apres food , and some time to let it settle, the games started...... Gerald takes the prize for the effort, creativity and sheer entertainment!
It was a long day but it was lovely to be able to share our celebration with so many people who'd helped us over the last 5 years and also made us feel so welcome in the village.
Here's to the next 5!