Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Stags and Hens

After great deliberation we took the decision when we first opened Pentre Bach to say 'yes' to requests to have Stag or Hen parties at Pentre Bach.
Our first group was a Stag Party back in 2008. A group of young men (plus a couple of not so young men) came and set up the dining room as a temporary casino. They played roulette and poker all weekend, all wearing masks that made them look like the groom-to-be. A few liquid refreshments might also have been taken over the weekend, a great time was had by all and the house was left in a very tidy state. We then had the pleasure of welcoming back some of the stags with their respective families at a later date.

Since then we've probably hosted two or three Stag and Hen parties a year. If you want a Stag or Hen Party consisting of pub crawling or night clubbing in pink tutus until the early hours, then Pentre Bach is not the venue for you.
Perhaps the tide is now turning regarding locations for these parties. Being invited to a wedding is expensive enough these days without the added cost of going abroad for up to a week, and spending so much money on alcohol that the participants have no idea of where they are anyway! Now many groups are preferring just to spend time in each others' company, in comfort, surrounded by beautiful countryside. The weekend doesn't have to be boring though!

We've just had a Hen Party, where the ladies enjoyed a day at Zip World and exploring caves near Blaenau Ffestiniog, followed up by a Murder Mystery evening, while dressed up as their characters. They had a brilliant weekend.

Other parties have involved pony trekking, gorge walking and white water rafting, while another group preferred the more sedate pastimes of candle making and chocolate making at Corris Craft Centre.

We also believe that one Hen party managed to engage the services of a male stripper but we've no idea where he came from!!