Sunday, 29 March 2015

A few words from Nellie

Well I'm a big dog now (although some would call me a big bitch) and I love living here at the seaside.
A few weeks ago Big Mike and Big Wilma went off somewhere and left me with Big Sue, Big Brian and my quite big cousin Mizzle. It was great. They fed me, took me out for walks by the river and even let me go UPSTAIRS!
When BM and BW came back then Mizzle came to stay with me for a while. I loved chasing her round and round the field and nipping at her ears. Oh what fun we had. Mizzle's getting on a bit though so occasionally we left her for a rest in her bed when we went out for walks. Mizzle brought her big bed with her but we liked nothing better than snuggling up to each other in my little bed. Mizzle loves a good swim in the sea, lake, stream , pond or river. I'm not so keen on the cold water but sometimes you just have to go with the flow! She's gone back to BS and BB now so I've got the place to myself again.
BM thinks he's got me trained. Ha ha! I sit when he says 'Sit' - sometimes, and stay when he says 'Stay' - sometimes - well whenever
he's got treats in his pocket. But if there's a seagull or squirrel to chase then suddenly I can't hear a thing. It's very strange.
My favourite things to do are racing round on a long sandy beach and pulling socks and knickers (or any old bits of cloth really) off the clothes horse and chewing them to bits.
I also like to help out a bit with the gardening. I can dig really well and I help to carry the watering can around. However its got lots of holes in the bottom now. No idea how that happened.
It's a dog's life......