Monday, 16 September 2013

Mike and Wilma have finally moved to Pentre Bach!

After 5 and a half years of travelling backwards and forwards between Macclesfield and Llwyngwril every week, we have finally moved permanently to Pentre Bach!
Katie's flat in Macclesfield , which served us well for 3 years, was put on the market in late June. Within a few days of putting up the FOR SALE sign we had a lady knocking at the door, who was very interested. She just had to put her house on the market. 'Oh well', we thought........... but less than 3 weeks later she was back. She'd put her house on the market and had a buyer within 2 days! After that things started to move very quickly and the completion date was set for Friday the 23rd of August. Not an ideal time for us as Wilma was already booked to go and parent sit for the last two weeks of August while her sister was on holiday, Heather was due to fly off to Canada for possibly up to a year and to cap it all, we'd booked a holiday in Crete, setting off on the 30th of August! Not to mention coping with the busy period of bookings at Pentre Bach.
We packed the car with clothing, pots and pans, DVD players, crockery, cushions, etc, etc every time we came over to Wales and gradually the flat was emptied in time for Thiursday the 22nd of August. Heather had to spend her last few nights on a mattress in the flat, in a tiny bedroom in the caravan in Wales and finally in a cosy bed in her auntie's house before jetting off for Canada on the 25th. Ah well, it was all good practise for couchsurfing on Vancouver Island!
So the Seniors no longer have to pack up every Sunday afternoon to make the long journey back to Macclesfield. However we're still living out of bags and boxes (which are scattered throughout the cottages and caravan so we can't find anything we need!) as the move happened a lot quicker than we'd anticipated so we still have bookings in Pen y Lon (our intended permanent abode) until early October. We're still moving around and staying in whichever cottage is available until we can finally move into Pen y Lon and unpack our bags!