Sunday, 29 April 2012

Getting Greener at Pentre Bach!

We're not quite up to Nick and Margaret's standards yet but getting there. Here at Pentre Bach we're trying our best to reduce our Carbon Footprint. We've installed a much more energy efficient heating system as well as 16 photo-voltaic solar panels, encourage our guests to recycle as much waste as possible, including composting, and grow our own fruit and vegetables, which can be freshly harvested and be made available for guests to buy (zero food miles!). Sometime in the future we'll have chickens again and perhaps even keep a few hundred thousand bees!

Friday, 27 April 2012

A staying in sort of day!

It's a bit dreich to say the least at Pentre Bach today but with a hen do in progress, I don't think they came here with the intention of venturing into the great outdoors much. There's worse weather forecast tonight and tomorrow so we better batten down the hatches and get stocked up with logs!

Monday, 23 April 2012

Another beautiful weekend at Pentre Bach!

Mike's been busy installing a new shower and Wilma's pottered about not doing much at all!
Went to see The exotic Marigold Hotel at Tywywn Cinema and were impressed by the film and the new improvements.
Wilma went home to collect Heather and Maggie from Manchester airport after their ski season and brought them back to Wales. Its lovely to see them again but we don't think they're too happy to be back! Had chippy tea at Walkers. Yum!
We spruced up the whole place ready for the professional photographer coming on Friday but typically the weather wasn't great on Friday morning so he didn't come. Will try again next Friday.
Had a small hen party in Pen y Lon who started off the weekend with a barbeque in pink!
We went out for a stroll to the Blue Lake on Saturday evening and had some amazing views.

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

More improvements at Pentre Bach

The work never stops here at Pentre Bach - its like the Forth Road Bridge! Mike and Mark O'Dea are busy installing a much needed new shower in the en suite shower room of the Green Bedroom. Only one shower left to replace now.
The weather has been amazing here recently. What a shame none of the cottages have been occupied since Sunday. Ah well, showers expected for the rest of the week so looks like its indoor jobs for the next few days. Got a professional photographer/video maker coming on Friday so got to get the place looking spic and span. Fingers crossed for good weather on Friday.

Sunday, 15 April 2012


Took some well deserved time off and headed south via Tywyn(where we picked up some whopper sandwiches), Aberdyfi and Macchynlleth to the Dyfi Osprey Project to have a nosy at the returning couple Nora and Monty. The live film and photographs that you can view in the centre are amazing then you can go to the hide and actually watch them through some long distance scopes, sitting on their old bit of tree perch or arranging soft moss on their huge nest (which is apparently as big as a double bed!!!!). Looks like Nora may be getting ready to lay eggs very soon. Fingers crossed!

From there we drove on to Ynys-hir RSPB nature reserve where we had our picnic overlooking the lake. Not a bad spot.
Back to Pentre Bach and back to work- de-masticking a shower- ugh!

Friday, 13 April 2012

All quiet again.

Well the Easter rush has been and gone and everyone has gone home from Pentre Bach happy. Only one cottage booked this weekend and typically the weather is perfect. At least we're not in the caravan! Mike's busy doing what he likes best- demolishing a shower, ready for installing a new one in the green room next week.
I'm pottering around trying to look busy, potting plants, taking photographs, etc. I might just go and sit in the garden!

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Happy Easter from Pentre Bach.

Good news- all the cottages at Pentre Bach have been/are occupied for the Easter Holidays so Mike and Wilma are in the caravan! With ski thermals on, it's not so bad! We now have the telephone connected up and wi-fi access so can communicate with the rest of the world without having to disturb people in the main house by going into the office. Progress!!!
Off out for a brisk walk soon then back for Easter Sunday roast at R&G's.