Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Pro or Anti Brexit, Love or Hate Trump, or none of the above!

Well 2016 was quite a year and we're all still reeling from it and trying to come to terms with what's going to happen next. When/if we eventually part company from the EU and if Donald Trump can manage to hold onto his rather precarious grasp of world politics and remain as POTUS, remains to be seen.
However whether you are a passionate Remainer who feels bitter about last year's vote or are an avid supporter of Donald Trump, it doesn't matter a jot to us.
Pentre Bach Holiday Cottages will stay the same whether the UK leaves or remains in the EU or whether Donald Trump pals up with Vladimir Putin. You can still come here to Llwyngwril in southern Snowdonia and get away from it all.
Of course as a large group or extended family you might just enjoy sitting around on our comfy sofas in the lounge , having a sensible debate about whether we should go for a hard boiled Brexit or soft boiled one, or you might  prefer to sit around the huge dining room table creating your own versions of 'Tiny Images of Donald Trump'.

Or perhaps like most you might just want to switch off all your mobile phones, tablets, laptops and TVs and just ignore what's going on in the outside world for a few days. Come and play Scrabble, Countdown or Twister. Read one or two of the hundreds of books on our bookshelves or just sit in the window seats watching the tide change in the hope of catching a glimpse of a Cardigan Bay dolphin. Fly a kite or play Cricket in our field.

So far this year we've hosted a weekend retreat for the Faithlife International Ministries and in a few weeks a group of women will take over all the properties for a creative retreat, led by the writer, psychologist and mythologist Dr Sharon Blackie.
We have at least one hen party booked and many of our guests will be coming to celebrate significant birthdays. Then there are those who will be coming just to enjoy a good old seaside holiday with the added option of spending time in the glorious countryside of southern Snowdonia.
Everyone is welcome at Pentre Bach no matter what your political or religious persuasion is (well apart from Donald Trump!).