Saturday, 13 February 2016

8 years of Pentre Bach

Last week we passed our eight year anniversary of when we bought Pentre Bach. What have we achieved in those eight years?
We've had 16 pv solar panels installed on the main house roof which help to create electricity for us on sunny days, as well as had the 2 existing solar panels, that helped to heat the water, replaced.
We've decorated and furnished the main house, as well as added fire doors, a complete new heating and hot water system, put in two new bathrooms, replaced four showers and replaced several carpets to change it from a family home into a holiday let to sleep up to 17 people. Mike has painted the whole of the outside of the house a lovely off white colour to cover up the drab grey that it used to be - a massive job. All the old sash windows have been refurbished.
We've put three new kitchens into the cottages as well as  adding new curtains, carpets, floor coverings and beds. Y Llaethdy has had all the windows replaced.
Walls have been taken down and other walls erected, car parking spaces added and outdoor patios installed with patio furniture so that guests can enjoy the gardens.
Wi-Fi has been provided for all guests to access.
An area for playing ball games has been made in the field, well away from our fragile windows!
Vegetables continue to be grown in the walled garden (although not on such a grand scale as the previous owners) but the outside vegetable garden down the side of the field has been turned into a wild flower area for our bees who reside in two hives in the walled garden.
We have 66 wonderful reviews (well 65 are!) on Trip Advisor and have been awarded a certificate of excellence by Trip Advisor so we must be doing something right! Plus we have lots of guests who keep coming back year after year. We even got bookings for 2018!
There's still so much to do to maintain the properties and gardens. We'll never just sit back and twiddle our thumbs!

Plans for April 2016 include new carpets for 4 bedrooms, New curtains for the two windows in bedroom 2, and a complete new window for bedroom 2. Watch this space for photographs of bedroom 2!
And here they are!