Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Top Tips to keep your Holiday Cottages Owners happy!

We have lots of lovely guests who come to stay in our properties and enjoy the facilities and the local area. Many return time and time again.
However there are a few guests who could do with a few tips on how to keep us happy.

1. If you really do have to cut your toe nails while on holiday , then please make sure that you put the clippings in the bin!

2. We really like welcoming families to Pentre Bach and provide cots and high chairs for families accompanied by babies and tots but please clean up the goo that some little darlings tend to smear into all the crevices and surfaces of the high chairs. Also please bag up pooey nappies and put them straight out into an outside bin. If left in the bins in the bedrooms or toilets, the smell does tend to linger long after you've departed Pentre Bach!

3. Please do not turn up before 3pm on arrival day unless you're prepared to grab a mop and join in with cleaning from the previous guests. You're always welcome to park your cars and have a wander round the village.

4. Please leave by 10am on departure day unless you've agreed a later time with us. We love to hear all about all the exciting things you've got up to and all the wonderful places you've visited but during our busy periods we only have a few hours in which to turn all three properties around so every second counts!

5. If the central heating is on and you find its getting too hot, please don't open all the windows and doors to let the heat out. Our poor boilers will just keep working twice as hard to provide more heat that goes straight out the windows! Either turn the thermostats down or ask us to alter the settings.

6. Please don't bother making all the beds up nicely, with throws, cushions, etc., before you leave. We won't be leaving them like that for the next guests!

7. Recycling! Our council only collect non-recyclable rubbish every three weeks so please do your best to recycle as much rubbish as possible. Our green bins are the receptacles for non-recyclable rubbish and only rubbish that can't be recycled should go in these bins. There are blue boxes provided for everything that can be recycled, apart from food. If its food waste then just put it on one of our compost heaps. If you have any unopened food or packaged food that you can't take away with you then PLEASE DON'T THROW IT AWAY! We can always find a home for it, even if its just in our dog!

8. If you order a grocery delivery from Asda,then please make sure that you book a time when you know you'll definitely be here. We had one huge £300's worth of groceries that arrived half an hour before our guests and before we'd finished cleaning!

9. If you find a problem or something is not working then come and tell us and we'll do our best to resolve the problem - as long as its not midnight! Don't leave it until you're leaving to tell us.

10. Dogs - if you bring a dog then please don't allow it upstairs in the bedrooms. Dog hairs on the valances are as bad as toe nail clippings on the carpet!

But above all - do have a lovely time!!!