Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Nellie's favourite doggy places around Llwyngwril

Well its nearly the end of October and I've been on my holidays to Yorkshire, darn sarth and up to the Lake District.

It was great - new smells to sniff everywhere! But now I'm back home and I'm happy. I know where to go on my walks and I've got my own big field to race round and round and round. There's always squirrels to chase and one of these days I'll get one! When Big Mike and Big Wilma have enough time we go off on longer walks to places like Borth y Gest - my favourite cos I love haring in and out of the dunes, up and down cliff top trails, along the big long sandy beaches and in and out of the sea chasing seagulls. When we've had enough we can go back to the Sea View Café where they like dogs. They even give out doggy treats to well behaved dogs like me!

This summer we made it up to the top of Cader Idris but our walk took a lot longer than usual cos BW thought she'd lost her phone that she's always on. We went half way back up the mountain again but  she eventually found it right back at the bottom again! Silly woman.
BM was going to put me on a lead but we didn't see any of those daft woolly creatures so I didn't need to have my lead on that day, only when we got back to the road.

Another day we went up Bird Rock in the Dysynni Valley but there were lots of woolly sheepy things around so I had to stay on my lead that day -booooo! Great view from the top though!

But  my bestest places to go for a good run are on all the great beaches around here- Llwyngwril of course is my favourite place for stone chasing but Fairbourne , Tywyn , Aberdyfi and Barmouth are great too. There are loads and loads of seagulls to chase and I can keep going all day long chasing them! Big Mike and Big Wilma tell me that dogs like me are only supposed to be on certain parts of the beaches so of course we do as we're told.

The Mawddach Trail is another brilliant place for 'walkies' and there are some lovely muddy ditches that run alongside the trail in places that I just love to fall accidentally into. Lovely jubbly!

Coed y Brenin Forest Park is an amazing place for walks/runs. There are gazillions of trails and no sheepy woolly things! Just watch out for the crazy bikers zooming past! Dogs can go in the café too. They even have dog water bowls outside the visitor centre for when we get back all thirsty.

Some people come to the cottages with dogs and are always asking where they can take their dogs to eat - I mean where they can go to eat, and take their dogs with them :)
So here goes - The Garthangharad Pub in the village are happy to have dogs in the back bar.
The George III at Penmaenpool don't mind dogs in the bar and there's a great log fire to lie by in the winter.
The Last Inn in Barmouth welcome dogs inside.
The Penhelig Arms and Dovey Arms in Aberdyfi are happy to have dogs in the bars and there's always a lazy black dog snoring in a corner of the bar in The Railway at Abergynolwyn.
Caffi Caban up in Brynefail at the end of Llyn Padarn are happy to let dogs in the outside eating bit and the walk round the lake is a good one with flat bits on one side and up and down wiggly bits at the other side!
I can go on the trains here that go along the coast but I don't like the getting on and getting off very much.
Somebody told BM and BW that dogs can go around Harlech Castle and Criccieth Castle but we haven't tried them yet. we'll let you know.
If anybody else can tell me about any other places where I'm allowed  to go then let me know and I'll try them out - as long as there's seagulls to chase :)
Haven't I grown!!!