Sunday, 24 June 2012

No **** ups this week ....just a few hiccups

A fairly uneventful weekend. 
Thursday 20th :Arrived Thursday to find our Pen y Lon guests had left a day early due to a poor weather forecast. As it happened, the weather wasn't too bad. Oh, and there had been no hot water from that morning. Got good old Stuart came out to diagnose the problem. He fixed the burst water pipe but needs another electrical part. Good job there's no one else coming into PYL for a fortnight, except us. Still, no heating or hot water in PYL beats staying in the caravan!
Our other guests in Y Popty and Y Llaethdy had all lasted out the week, despite mixed weather, and enjoyed their stays. 
Friday 21st: Tom arrived at lunchtime, armed with lots of photography equipment to take photos inside the main house. Looks very professional! Can't wait to see the results.
Got the cottages cleaned , and our first guests for Y Llaethdy arrived around 3pm- a lovely couple who're going to be house hunting in the village all week.
Old dishwasher in the house had finally given up the ghost last week so Mike replaced it with a new one. Freezer had also packed two weeks ago and new one not arriving until Monday but main house can use the one in Y Popty this weekend. Why does everything go at once?
Tom was just leaving the house as the main house guests arrived, we then had our obligatory game of table tennis( which I won 2:0), a  quick tea then went off to Tywyn to watch The Dictator at The Magic Lantern (3/10), was funny in places but wouldn't recommend it. It was a beautiful evening as we drove back to the village.

Saturday 22nd : A dry morning so got on with various jobs around Pentre Bach, including staining new garden chairs and weeding the fruit garden and veg garden. All the rain has certainly made our weeds flourish! The nettles were taller than the raspberry canes.
Fitted in another game of table tennis, despite the all the balls being dented (I won 2:1- had to let him win one game!).

A quick shower then set off ,just as the rain was starting, for a meal at Helen and Peter's house. Had a lovely meal and lovely evening, before walking back again in pouring rain.

Sunday 23rd: Our house guests reluctantly left by about 11.20am , just as the sun was coming out and the clouds were disappearing. What a shame.
Made a start at cleaning the house. Now thinking about going out for a walk. Not going back to Macc this week as have a week of workmen coming and going, appliances being delivered and main house guests arriving mid week. 
Looking forward to watching England taking on Italy tonight. Let's hope they play a whole lot better than they've played so far or it could be very embarrassing!

Well we went for our little stroll..........remind me never to let Mike lead the way again! We set off towards Cae Du campsite but took a short cut down towards the sea, and ended up walking along the railway line for a couple of hundred yards, managing just to scramble over a gap in a wall into the campsite seconds before the train came of our teeth job! 
Then we had a very pleasant walk along the beach by Salt Rock and past Glwndwr's Cave, then onwards towards Tonfanau. Decided to head inland, scrambling up some sea defence walls, through a jungle-like, extremely overgrown 'path' and ...........back onto the railway line!!!! Another swift walk of about a hundred yards, keeping an eye open for passing trains then over a fence and into another field , with no path in sight, just a suspiciously military-looking type high wall in the middle of the field. Got the other side but no gate so had to climb over a barbed wire fence. Walked along a fairly safe road until we took a left turn onto part of the Wales Coastal Path, across some marshy ground and through a few gates until we came to a field that contained what looked very much like a bull sitting in the middle. I walked a lot quicker at this point but  fortunately the bull didn't take any notice of us and we managed to reach the other side of the field without any further incident. Phew! Reached the road, then kept to the road, thank goodness, until we got back to the van.

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