Sunday, 10 June 2012

Very wet and worse than expected!

Well it started on Thursday night and didn't stop until Saturday morning! The normal little babbling brook called the Gwril that usually flows through Llwyngwril was turned into a raging torrent!
Thanks to Sue Williams for this photo!

Fortunately Pentre Bach and the rest of the village seem to have escaped with no real damage - well just a rain -in problem in the dining room of the main house.
However on Saturday morning the village was for a while cut off as Bryncrug was flooded to the south and Penmaenpool was flooded to the north! Ah well, there was always the railway or a walk across Barmouth Bridge (which incidentally is now toll-free!!!).
There is concern tonight for the village of Pennal, which is threatened by a possible dam burst. Scary times for them.
We feel sorry for all those people further south, whose homes were flooded, and all those campers whose caravans and tents were ruined. Also sadly another osprey chick has died and the last remaining has survived the storm by being fed by volunteers- an unusual and controversial intervention but the circumstances were extreme.
Lets hope the worst is over and we can all get back to normal. Let the summer begin!!

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