Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Witches, wizards and weird and wonderful aliens!

If you go down to the woods around Llwyngwril today , you're sure to see some weird and wonderful things!
The ladies  of the village (and the odd man!) have been wildly working with wool to create some more wow factor wonders.  Enough of the alliteration!
Since the end of May if you dared to walk down to the beach, up to the woods at the top of God'r Gaer or wander round the back streets of the village, you might be surprised to come across a red dragon/loch ness monster, a gingerbread house, a swarm of butterflies being looked after by a pink parrot, an alien driving a tractor or a monk in a fishing boat!

 To find out exactly where to find these bewitching and enchanting works of genius , go buy a map/guide from Riverside Stores, then you won't miss any of these delightful creatures. There are also  boxes around the village where you can donate something (preferably money!) if you have been inspired by what you've seen.
This is the third year of the Llwyngwril Yarnbombing Project in aid of Y Ganolfan Llwyngwril and you mustn't miss visiting the village, if you're in the area. You're sure to be amazed at what these clever ladies (and odd man) have created by knitting or crocheting. This year's theme is Myths. Legends and Beyond.
Passengers on the Cambrian Line are warned to look out for certain woolly characters on Llwyngwril station platform as they pass through and various television companies have been to the village to film the unusual oddities that have appeared in all sorts of places. Look out for Llwyngwril on your tellyboxes later in the year!


  1. It really is magical to see the display in Llwyngwril and it was a similar collection of woolly delights that attracted me to the village 12 months ago, prompting me to purchase a cottage there... great post.

  2. Thank you very much. Welcome to the village!