Monday, 12 August 2013

Bad weather ideas at Pentre Bach

Ok, so the Great British Summer in west Wales has been particularly good so far this year and our guests have been able to spend long days enjoying the great outdoors.
But with the British weather being what it is, we could wake up tomorrow to a week of rain. The adults might be content to curl up by the log fire, batten down the hatches and bring out the paperbacks and Kindles for a lazy few hours, feeling snug and cosy inside, or just sit in the window seats and watch the changing skies and white capped waves.

However, what to do with the kids?
Well all the cottages are well stocked with  jigsaws of varying difficulty and games of all types from old classics such as chess and Scrabble to Air hockey, Jenga and Twister. Please just remember to put them all back in the right boxes!
The kitchens are all well equipped, and even include baking equipment, so why not spend an afternoon baking. Mmm..... freshly baked scones for afternoon tea!
Play hide and seek, sardines, charades, hunt the thimble and all those games we used to play when we were young. The main house in particular has loads of hiding places.
Arrange your very own version of Pentre Bach's Got Talent! Get the children to do what children love to do and show off! There's a chest full of dressing up clothes in the master bedroom of the main house  (another one being prepared for Y Popty). Even the grown-ups could get involved!
You could venture out as far as the barn for a table tennis tournament.
If they've exhausted all of the above then they could always join you and read a book. There are children's books in all the cottages.
Oh and if really desperate there are lots of children's DVDs available in all the cottages. If bad weather keeps up we can always arrange a swop!
If you want to venture further afield then read our blog entitled
 What to do and where to go when its wet in West Wales!

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