Sunday, 7 October 2012

A sad time.....

What a glorious weekend of weather! However the last few days have been under a huge cloud.........
We arrived on Thursday morning knowing that April was missing but the whole community was still hopeful that she could be found. Pink ribbons were sprouting everywhere and the gate of Llwyngwril school was festooned with pink ribbons.
Mike went off on Friday morning to offer his services as a volunteer searcher and offer our accommodation to any other searchers but he arrived back after lunch with the news that it was now a murder enquiry and he was no longer needed.
All day long helicopters flew up and down the shoreline , obviously in search of a body.
We used to always tell guests that there was no crime around here and they needn't worry about locking car doors, etc. But there can be no greater crime than the one committed by one man in or around Machynlleth last week.
What has happened to that poor family, is every parent's nightmare. We can only begin to imagine what they're going through at the moment. Our thoughts are constantly with them and we just hope that they can soon have their daughter back,and put her to rest.

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