Monday, 3 September 2012

Time to put our feet up..........

Well that's the busy summer holidays over so it must be time to put our feet up now......or not.
We've still got a healthy lot of bookings in the cottages over the next few weeks and enquiries are growing again as people start to think about their next holiday. We've got nearly twenty bookings for 2013 and even one for 2014!
Thanks to all our guests so far this year. Its great to see more and more returning guests. The Holmwoods have been coming for 20 years and it was lovely to be able to welcome back Carina from the Netherlands, yet again.
As for putting our feet up.... well there's the garden to tidy, that shower to fix, that pink bedroom to paint, the gutters to clean, the outside of Pen y Lon to finish painting (only one side left to do!) and so on and so on. The list just gets bigger!
Well the main house was vacated on Saturday so we were able to move in there for a couple of nights - made a nice change from our normal abode in the caravan for the duration of the summer. It was lovely to be able to enjoy the sunset from the patio last night.

Many many thanks to our knight in shining armour, Stuart, who drove over 3 hours to come here on Saturday to sort out our wi-fi (that I'd ******ed up!). He also sorted out a few other computer/phone problems while he was here. It was a good excuse to be able to take him out for a scrumptious meal at Indiana in Fairbourne.

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