Sunday, 5 August 2012

Surfing West Wales!

 We had all 4 cottages booked this week, all the guests arrived safely on Friday night and were well settled in. Saturday morning started grey and miserable with lots of showers. Its seemed that the terrible weather forecast for West Wales was going to be accurate.
However, Heather arrived from Macclesfield, missing the surf after her season in Devon, and keen to get back on the sea. The clouds started to clear so we set off for Tywyn, had a quick look at the sea from the prom, saw that there was some surf so went back to that great shop in Tywyn , The Rise, and managed to hire their last surf board, which normally was used by the owner's dog! (thus the claw marks!)
We then spent the rest of the afternoon on the beach, trying to catch Heather on camera catching the waves.

 Tywyn beach never looked better.

Oh and we had a little bit of a paddle ourselves.
Talk about the British on holiday!

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